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Message from the founders

It’s important for us here at Reign to help direct students in the way that they are destined to go. In addition to a targeted educational regimen, we aim to provide ample amounts of hands on experiences so that students can find their passion and their purpose of being on earth. Cultivating the whole person for life preparedness, is our philosophy. We invite you to take this journey with us...


The vision of the Reign Academy School of Entrepreneurship is to reform the family structure through education and be the first choice for families in the Volusia County area who are seeking a God-centered college preparatory education.


Our mission here at RASOE is to provide students with a tool set for entrepreneurial success while transforming into a productive and model citizen who upholds Christ like values. 

Specifically, our goals and objectives are:

#1         To forge an enduring partnership between church, home, and school that will produce powerful and effective student leaders who will impact their world for Jesus Christ through Biblical thought and action in obedience to the Great Commandment (Mk. 12:30-31) and the Great Commission (Mt. 28:19-20). 


#2        To develop a dynamic relationship with our parents and students so that we might serve churches and schools across the nation as a model for building and sustaining excellence. 

#3           To attract and retain faculty/staff members who emphasize rigor, relevance and relationships in the learning process, producing well rounded outstanding scholars. 


Meet the staff here at RASOE. They work hard and enjoy their work in educating and assisting every student.

Here, you can find a host of media clips and school events that further help keep you connected to RASOE.

Your partnership with RASOE is vital to the successful education and equipping of the the youth enrolled for a brighter future.

WELLNESS POLICY & Public Media Release

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