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"There's no better form of affirmation to the work we're achieving in the lives of the students that are enrolled in our academy than having their parents give a glowing review. So, don't take our word for the level of success we're having at our school, hear from actual families." 

the brown family

Our children started school in January for the first time and they are thriving there and will go back in the fall to Reign Academy School of Entrepreneurship. After homeschooling for 13 years, we felt that with the stores we were not keeping up the way we wanted to and they needed a more consistent learning environment, especially having 3 kids under age 3 interrupting every minute. It was getting tricky and I was distracted and feeling ineffective. We have been part of Blue Oak homeschool Co Op for 3 years too and loved that. Once a homeschooler, always one. Our children are getting an awesome education and  we are still very involved and love that. We go on all the field trips, and will be helping plan them for next year. Also, Kevin A. Myers and Deon A. Myers are some of the best people we know in Daytona with hearts of gold. We have been friends for 7 years now, and started our businesses at the same time. We knew them when they had 4 students and they knew us before we even started selling at the farmer's market. God is great to reunite our families together We told them we want to supply food for the school so gotta figure that goal out. If you need a quality education for your thinking kids that are geniuses like my own. You should consider letting them go to Reign Academy School of Entrepreneurship. We are impressed and waited from January until now to announce that yes our kids are already enrolled for the fall with no regrets. Reign Academy School of Entrepreneurship, where little kings and queens go to get their royal education to rule the world.  

Monique Gist

I attended RASOE for my last year of high school. Looking back now, it’s kind of funny to think that I didn’t want anything to do with the school. Now I can honestly say that RASOE has both changed and saved my life. I walked into the school needing to complete 3 grade levels of math to graduate, and anyone who knew me then knew that math was the subject I struggled with the most. With the help of Mr. and Mrs. Myers, I not only completed all three levels of math, but I completed all of my subjects 2 weeks early. As the only senior at the school, I had no choice but to be more conscious of my actions because I knew that the younger ones were looking up to me. As difficult as it was, I worked diligently and powered through every obstacle that was thrown my way.

"I can honestly say that RASOE has both changed and saved my life."

Shortly before the graduation/promotion ceremony, I received two text messages back to back from both Mr. and Mrs. Myers. (Mrs. Deon later told me that they were competing to see who could send the message first.) The text was a picture of my Fall Tests Results. I had scored college level in every subject INCLUDING math. The unending love and support that the little ones gave me inspired me in ways I never expected. Almost 2 years after graduating from high school, the Myers offered me a position as an Assistant Learning Coach at Reign. I have never been happier to go to work every day. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity they have given me to invest my time into student’s lives on a daily basis. It was truly a blessing to attend RHA for my final year of high school, and it is an even greater blessing to be a part of the RASOE staff today.  

the danner family

We moved here specifically from South Florida for our son to attend Reign Academy. The change in our son and his grades are remarkable! He's excited about learning now instead of dreading it. His grades have gone from C and D average to a B average. Even though we miss some aspects of South Florida, it was definitely worth the move to see our son flourish at Reign!

the itani family

Reign Academy School of Entrepreneurship is unlike any other school we have ever experienced. Our journey with RASOE has been one of a kind. The headmasters’ love for the quality of care and education our children receive definitely shows in all the things our children are involved in. Our son was a child with a major attitude and a desire to be angry when he first began. After learning to be accountable for his actions and punished fairly for his behavior, his character building skills have really developed. As a muslim family we have been able to easily blend our family values with Reign’s and it has been amazing. Thank you RASOE for all the lessons you continue to teach, not only for my son, but for me as well.


Meet the staff here at RASOE. They work hard and enjoy their work in educating and assisting every student.

We invite you to learn about our mission, goals and objectives to impact the lives of the next generation in our community.

Your partnership with RASOE is vital to the successful education and equipping of the the youth enrolled for a brighter future.

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