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There's nothing like a visual representation of what you're trying to adequately convey in words. Enjoy these short videos that help to communicate the goals, standards, and straight out fun we have here at RASOE. Media is also a medium we have the students involve themselves in to help them gain confidence and increase their self-esteem. We are pretty active in this area so much so that it is commonplace with the students to see cameras around the campus.

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Below are the announcements of events happening here at RASOE. You're encouraged to read each to stay up-to-date with the latest, and also find opportunities you can possibly volunteer to assist with the production, planning and execution of scheduled events.



Every year, Reign Academy conducts a missions trip to a foreign country to assist in fostering a wholistic approach to the education of its students. These trips have helped to serve in the general experience and  exposure to Christian charity and cultural diversity. The kids return excited and  eager to apply and distribute the lessons learned to their communities and spheres of influence.



The school formerly known as Reign Homeschooling Academy is now known as Reign Academy School of Entrepreneurship. No, leadership has not changed hands, just adopted a new direction. But even with new direction, Reign’s Headmaster, Kevin Myers, declares that the vision and mission still remain the same with a more focus on student preparation for the role of ownership through entrepreneurship. 

"Today's average student does not get introduced to the skills necessary to take advantage of the opportunities that are available in today's economy," states Kevin Myers. "My wife, Deon, and I originated from South Florida. When we decided to call the Daytona area our home, we felt

compelled to make a difference in our new community."

A real difference is indeed what they are doing. Reign's early success came from long nights, a hard-working staff and accepting parents. 

Although the first logo that represented Reign fulfilled the role it was created for, the Myers began to sense a new season for Reign. In order to usher in the new this new season, they approached Kenneth Grant Inzpirations in South Daytona to assist them with new branding material. From a new logo to business cards to an upgrade in the website, Reign Academy School of Entrepreneurship has set itself up for continued future success.

"We were blown away with the new graphics and branding material. We love where RASOE is headed." 


Relaxing during summer break is important because it allows students to recharge for the fall quarter. After a stressful year of nonstop work, students who choose not to take the summer off will find themselves burnt out and less motivated during the regular academic year.

A summer break also helps relieve some of the pressure experienced during the academic year. Students not pressured by midterms, term papers and final exams are more free to explore personal projects at their own pace during the summer. Personal ventures, such as an art project that was meant to be completed long ago, or a book that has sat on a dusty shelf waiting to be read, can be just as enriching as structured class. Free time helps foster creativity often overlooked during the regular school year 

and makes individuals more well-rounded. Pursuing personal interests such as dancing, sculpting or graphic design ventures out of one’s own free will and on one’s own time can be even more worthwhile than sticking to the structured regime of classes and internships. These projects will shine on resumes as they exhibit true passion and interest on the individual’s part.

Students that work harder during summer may find themselves falling victim to the monotonous daily grind of completing assigned tasksWith no break, work and school become nothing more than something to complete rather than something to experience fully and learn from.


Meet the staff here at RASOE. They work hard and enjoy their work in educating and assisting every student.

We invite you to learn about our mission, goals and objectives to impact the lives of the next generation in our community.

Your partnership with RASOE is vital to the successful education and equipping of the the youth enrolled for a brighter future.

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