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thank you for your interest in our school

And we would love to have you!

Currently we offer full academic services for K-8 private school students and academic support for K-12 homeschooling families. We also accept Step Up for Students, McKay and AAA Scholarships. RHA operates as a private school but also provides various supports for Homeschooling families in the community. We offer academic support and flexibility for homeschooling families as well as annual reviews and reporting for state and county requirements.  

We will be accepting applications for each new school year beginning March 1st annually.

Prospective Student Form

To request more information:

Contact the Admissions Office

Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm


Our enrollment process is simple, yet personable. For enrollment inquiries, please call 386.898.8188 to set up an appointment to tour our campus and get any questions that you may have answered directly. 


Meet the staff here at RASOE. They work hard and enjoy their work in educating and assisting every student.

Here, you can find a host of media clips and school events that further help keep you connected to RASOE.

Your partnership with RASOE is vital to the successful education and equipping of the the youth enrolled for a brighter future.

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